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Our Sterling Story?

What a wonderful feeling it is to work with Jackie and her entire staff in the process of buying a home. This is purchase number two with Sterling and both times have been wonderful experiences. It is not just a business transaction, you are not forgotten after the papers are signed and the sign is pulled from the front yard. It is the making of a friendship and an invitation into the Sterling family.

The real story is this recent purchase that fell into place when my children and I stopped in to say hi to Jackie. They love visiting her! We went in to say Hi and ended up a day or so later with my husband and I going in to meet with Jackie to talk about refinancing (not selling) our former house. We talked about what we wanted to do to the house and discussed our options with her. After a few minutes of Jackie sitting quietly by her computer while my husband tried to convince me we should move, I looked at Jackie and knew that I would be selling my house very soon. She convinced me to look at a house she pulled up on her computer (because it was the right thing to do for my family not because she wanted to sell a house). Let?s just say that my husband told Jackie that he wanted to see this house right now. It was 7:00 pm. Jackie got on the phone, spoke with the seller, the seller got her infant out of bed and we drove to Haddam to see what would become our new home! A few days later we turned our house around to sell and it sold within 5 days.

We love our new home and are so lucky to have Jackie in our lives. Thank you Jackie for being who you are; kind, honest, passionate about what you do, full of positive energy and a friend! This never would have been possible without you! Sterling Realtors is the true meaning of HOME.

Thank you Jackie, David and Josh for making a dream come true!

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