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Kelly Brunell

June 2, 2009

Ms. Williams:

I wanted to take the time to commend and thank one of your realtors, Joseph Childs. With the terrible economy out there, I can only imagine that only the best of realtors have been surviving. When my roommate and I originally bought our house, we knew that there was a beautiful house underneath it all. The only problem was that the house needed a lot of “beatification” work done to it. We had many ideas for the house, just no money to do it with. We suddenly found ourselves with little money to pay the bills, let alone our mortgage. We were left with no choice but to sell the house we worked so hard to obtain in the first place. When roommate and I first put our house on the market, we knew what a challenge it was going to be. Although the house wasn’t in the best of shape, we knew that some creative selling might help our cause. That is where Joseph fit in. We informed Joseph that we were unable to afford any of the “little things” that might have made the house easier to sell. Despite all the work that needed to be done, he aggressively pursued a buyer.

During the selling process, our mortgage company was very difficult. They were very unhelpful, and very hard to get a hold of. I understand that they have better things to do than to deal with customers that can’t pay their mortgage, but they made the process of selling the house more difficult by dragging their feet. Joseph stepped in, and made calls almost every day to assure lines of communication between ourselves and the mortgage company were open. After all the hard work and “leg work” Joseph put into this deal, we were able to sell the house, and avoid further damage to our credit. I can’t thank you enough for having such high caliber staff! I will suggest Sterling Realtors to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house, and hopefully in the future, when my credit is back in good standing, I will be calling on Joseph to help me find a new home.

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